Paris Nights


Summer 2012

I had just broken up with my boyfriend and was desperately craving a night out in Paris. My sister Melissa and I met our friend Philo, who was spending the summer interning at a fashion house, at the Seine (the river that runs along the ancient banks of the city). We sipped on champagne, our legs dangling over the darkened water.

Philo (left) and Melissa by the Seine

Philo (left) and Melissa by the Seine


Eiffel and I

Eiffel and I

Once our champagne bottle was empty we set off into the night, headed for a bar known for serving drinks in baby bottles. We made conversation with a group of friendly Parisians that were fascinated by our upbringing in California.


After an hour of so we trekked out into the night, looking for a cab to take us to the Champs Elysee (a long street of restaurants, shopping and nightlife). And we kept trekking, until finally I caught sight of a cab and flagged it down. Laughing and joking with the cab driver we sped through Paris at midnight. We entered the club, where the thumping music made my ears throb. The excitement in the crowd was palpable and a short climb later we were in the VIP section, meeting an array of people that had to yell to be heard. We danced the night away, all problems forgotten for that short but beautiful night.


Endnote: The club’s name was Queen, we found out later that it was actually a gay club, but luckily the night we’d stumbled in was ladies night. If you find yourself in Paris, gay or straight, you should check it out 🙂



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