Boulder Colorado,

This morning Max, Paul and I dragged ourselves out of bed at 8:30 AM to make a hungover trek to North Boulder and get breakfast at Tangerine. We’d tried to go before but had faced a two-hour wait and, starving, had gone elsewhere. So today we (I) were determined to get there before the rush. I’m a bit of a breakfast addict and was excited to try out a new place. Boulder’s a small mountain town but for some reason the breakfast around here is phenomenal. Snooze is my favorite (post on that soon) but after this morning I’ll definitely be adding Tangerine to the list.


The restaurant is somewhat a hole in the wall, but is well known around Boulder for its natural and healthy twist on breakfast. The interior was small and intimate, with a warm atmosphere and pretty decor.


A friendly hostess seated us right away in a comfortable booth. We sat quietly to sip on (delicious) coffee while looking over the menu. There were the usual staples as well as some more creative choices (fig preserve on pancakes or brie omelets for example).


After much debate I chose a salmon Benedict, Maxie had pancakes with fig preserve and chocolate chips and Paul ordered biscuits and gravy.

IMG_0773 IMG_0774 IMG_0775

The food was as good as promised and the vibe of the restaurant was cheerful and happy. I’ve found that the right breakfast can almost make up for the night before. Definitely will be going again soon.






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