When it rains it pours

Sometimes life gets hard. It’s usually in the middle of the day, when everything seems fine and you’re busy worrying about nothing at all. It’s a sunny day, but those don’t impress you anymore. And suddenly it all goes to shit. A triathlon athlete breaks a bone a week before the race, your dog needs surgery and it costs too much, your grandma dies and you never spent enough time with her.

Life starts sucking.

And sometimes that’s when you realize how good life really is. When it bursts apart, and your comfortable existence shatters suddenly in beautiful little pieces.

That’s when you realize that it could be worst.

You’re alive. You’re (relatively) healthy You can walk. Your family is safe. You’re golden

I believe in tough love. Your problems are mostly made up. Start appreciating what you have before its gone. Words to live by. And no picture this time.

❤ M.


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