Eiffel and I

Eiffel and I

This is me.

My story really started in Paris a long time ago, when my Syrian father and American mother met at the Sorbonne University. He was taking medical classes and she was perfecting her french. They fell in love and moved to New York, then Canada and had three daughters along the way. Both had a passion for exploring the world, and though they eventually split, with my father moving to Michigan and my mother to California, they passed on their passion to me.

My sisters (right) and I in Hawaii

My sisters (right) and I in Hawaii

When I was 18 I moved to sunny Boulder, Colorado to attend CU. By then I’d traveled to Lebanon, Morocco, Jordan, Syria, Paris, Mexico, Canada, Russia, Turkey and throughout the United States. My junior year my friend Ellen and I spent a semester in Florence, Italy, exploring the ancient city and roaming throughout Europe.

Ellen (left) and I

Ellen (left) and I


Now I’m back in Boulder and starting a public relations internship in Denver that concentrates on nightlife, hospitality, restaurants and traveling- my passion rolled into a job.

I continue to roam whenever I can.

This blog combines my need for traveling and my equally strong love of writing. It is a  chronicle of my adventures, the places and faces along the way, and inspiration to capture the moment and see the world.

Hope you enjoy,

Marie Isabelle





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